SAWA-Australia news

  1. The new Entertainment Books are now available for all major cities around Australia, in book form and as a digital book for iPhone and Android phones. Every book contains hundreds of lunch and dinner vouchers, two for one offers for movies, concerts and theatre, special accommodation deals in many cities and much more. You will find it excellent value for your region; having dinner for two only twice will often already recoup the price of the book, and you will continue to save and save for 12 months. Support the work of SAWA-Australia (SA) through the purchase of an Entertainment book for your region.
  2. The Annual Report for 2016 is now available for the Vocational Training Center. It gives an overview of literacy classes and other activities, including verious workshops organised for the women in the Center.
  3. In the February edition of the SAWAN you find reports on National news: Women take up arms against IS; Thousands of Shias protest against IS; Warlord Rashid Dostum again in the news; Germany deports Afghan refugees to Kabul. News from SAWA-Australia (SA): The art project continues; International Women's Day; Graduation at the Vocational Training Centre; Another student finds a sponsor. News from SAWA-Australia (NSW): The OPAWC project funded by SAWA-NSW; Recent activities of SAWA-NSW; Coming events.
  4. the Annual Report for the financial year 2015/16 is now available for download as a PDF file or online reading. It delivers the regular reports on the Vocational Training Centre, Hamoon Clinic and student scholarships and the financial statement and an introductory statement from our patron ex-senator Penny Wright.
  5. Afghanistan: 30 years of conflict, suicide bombings, civil war. That is what we see on our television screens, hear on the radio, read in the newspapers. Is there any hope? Since 2004 SAWA-Australia, the Support Association for the Women of Afgha-nistan, has raised funds to enable the women of that war-torn country to make a difference. Supported by donations from hundreds of Australians who place their trust in the strength of Afghanistan's women, the organisation has been able to assist women to work towards the building of a new Afghanistan, a country where every woman is safe and enjoys equal rights. This booklet was put together by the South Australian branch of SAWA-Australia to document this new Afghanistan. Fighting and terror will still be a daily occurrence, but hidden behind the violent images of our daily news are the beginnings of a new society. It is this new society that this booklet wants to show. Read it and buy it at the SAWA (SA) shop.