SAWA-Australia news

  1. Every book raises up to $17 for SAWA (SA) and contains hundreds of lunch and dinner vouchers, two for one offers for movies, concerts and theatre, special accommodation deals in many cities and much more. You will find it excellent value for your region; having dinner for two only twice will often already recoup the price of the book, and you will continue to save and save for 12 months.
  2. In the February edition of the SAWAN you find reports on National news: OPAWC director Latifa Ahmady retires, new fundraising movie to be produced, President Ashraf Ghani apologizes, HAWCA fights violence against women. News from SAWA-Australia (SA): Belated Christmas wishes, Donatins after movie screening in Adelaide, Zarmina's art project takes shape, Finding freedom, a poem by Wadia Samadi, SAWA (SA) is now on Twitter. News from SAWA-Australia (NSW): Our Afghan project, Recent events, Coming events.
  3. 2017 has been a year of progress at OPAWC's Vocational Training Centre. The Annual Report documents the achievements of its students in literacy and handicraft.
  4. SAWA-Australia (SA) now brings news and information about Afghanistan, items not easily found in Australia's news media. Follow the hashtag #sawaafghanistan to be informed.
  5. This report can be downloaded or read online. It delivers the regular reports on the Vocational Training Centre, Hamoon Clinic and student scholarships and the financial statement.