Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

the SAWAN 2005

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No. 8 (November)
  • RAWA Australian tour
  • Women in Afghanistan: Expectations and Challenges; RAWA event in Adelaide
  • From Lismore
  • Women's rights magazine editor arrested in Afghanistan
No. 7 (August)
  • Oldest RAWA member passes away
  • U.S. funds Afghan Businesswomen's Federation
  • Parliamentary elections: Danger for women running for office
  • RAWA school at Khewa refugee camp
  • Fundraising - one woman's pilgrimage
  • IWPR launches new women's reporting programme
  • PARWAZ empowering Afghan women
No. 6 (May)
  • One woman's pilgrimage - long walk for RAWA
  • Fundraising in Victoria - Firbank Grammar School
  • Fundraising in South Australia
  • Afghani woman stoned to death
  • Canadian support for Afghan women
  • RAWA statement on International Women's Day
  • Domestic violence continues
No. 5 (February)
  • SAWA in South Australia
  • A direct appeal from RAWA
  • SAWA-Australia balance sheeet 2004
  • SAWA report 2003/2004
  • Afghan children manifesto