Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan, help Afghan women, literacy, education

the SAWAN 2007

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No. 16 (November)
  • Closure of Khewa camp causes misery and distress
  • Widow Support project offers a promising start
  • November is fundraising month!
  • SAWA provides 2000 birthing kits for rural Afghanistan
  • SAWA and Friends of RAWA Japan take responsibility for Hewad High School in Rawalpindi
  • Interview with Malalai Joya
No. 15 (August)
  • RAWA member Sohaila in Australia:
    Sohaila in Castlemaine
    Sohaila in Adelaide
  • Pakistan forces closure of Naseema Shaheed High School
  • New SAWA project to support Kabul's widows
  • SAWA protests Malalai Joya's expulsion from parliament
  • A new documentary: View from a Grain of Sand
No. 14 (May)
  • Afghan MP Malalai Joya visits Australia
  • Shogofa, a student profile from Naseema Shaheed High School
  • Kabul, a city of widows
  • Willyama High School of Broken Hill becomes sister school to Naseema Shaheed High School
  • Next RAWA speaking tour planned for July
  • SAWA finanical statement for 2006
No. 13 (February)
  • Fundraising in Adelaide
  • Fundraising in Sydney
  • RAWA communiqué on Universal Human Rights Day
  • Pharmaceuticals for Malalai Clinic
  • Shukria, a teacher profile from Nasima Shaheed High School
  • A volunteer reports on her time with RAWA
  • The Taliban declare war on teachers