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the SAWAN 2012

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No. 36 (November)
  • National news
    • Dozens of schools and clinics to be closed
    • A patient's story from Hamoon Clinic
    • Western support for occupying forces declines
    • Hewad High School report for 2011/12
    • The ability to read opens the world for you
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • The new committee
    • GlobalQuest continues its support
    • Thank you, supporters in north and south!
    • Keep the Vocational Training Centre alive!
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Convenor’s Report to the 2012 AGM
    • Congratulations to Nasima Rahmani
No. 35 (August)
  • National news
    • Fundamentalists try to ban the Solidarity Party
    • A university scholarship for Shazia
    • Toowoomba supports SAWA
    • News from Hewad High School
    • Planet Wheeler supports Hamoon Clinic again
    • State Library of Queensland buys art books
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Bowling for Afghanistan in Perth
    • Sally Sara "My time in Afghanistan"
    • Nobody's Fault But Mine
    • Farewell SAWA (SA) secretary Barbara James
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • "Once again thank you for those who made our future."
    • Education for Girls in Afghanistan
    • Coming Events
No. 34 (April)
  • National news
    • RAWA remembers Meena
    • Warlords revive the Northern Alliance
    • AFCECO, a new partner for SAWA
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Belly dancing for Afghanistan
    • A new committee member
    • A university scholarship for Shazia
    • Forthcoming events in Perth and Adelaide
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Birthing kits for rural Afghanistan
    • Sally Sara speaks at IWD breakfast
    • Film night
    • IWD in Afghanistan
No. 33 (February)
  • National news
    • Hamoon Clinic: a patient's story
    • UN: A long way to go for women's rights
    • Hamoon Clinic, a brief overview
    • Progressive Afghan parties meet in Lahore
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Quiz night in Adelaide
    • A successful special appeal
    • The Literacy Centre on Afghanistan's national radio
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Saving the lives of Mothers and Babies
    • Hewad High School for Afghan Refugee Children in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    • Thank You
    • Coming Events