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the SAWAN 2013

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No. 40 (November)
  • National news
    • Warlords jostle to enter the presidential race
    • A new documentary on Malalai Joya
    • A crowd funding drive for an ambulance
    • The difficulty to gain a full education
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Two Trees launched around Australia
    • Challenging times at the VTC
    • Teachers' day at the VTC
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Hewad High School: Education is power
    • Dates for the diary
No. 39 (August)
  • National news
    • Proposed new law makes successful prosecution of domestic violence unlikely
    • A Taliban appointed to protect Human Rights
    • Zubaida, a student profile
    • The "war on terror" claims its casualties
    • Hamoon Clinic wants to improve its services
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • SAWA (SA) supports Amnesty International's campaign for the rights of Afghanistan's women
    • SAWA (SA)'s art book delivered to supporters
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Update on Campaign to Preserve Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
    • Lunch at Bamyan Restaurant
    • Dinner at Finola's
No. 38 (May)
  • National news
    • US protection produces a new warlord
    • Rashid Dostum, a law unto himself
    • Sign the Amnesty International petition!
    • International Women's Day
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • Thank you that you thought of us
    • Hamoon Clinic: sorrow and hope
    • The migrating tribes of Khuzistan
    • Amnesty International action in Adelaide
    • Bowling for Afghanistan in Perth and Adelaide
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Courage to Protect Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
    • On what we can do
    • Birthing Kit Day
    • Artists for Afghan Aid 7-9 February
No. 37 (February)
  • National news
    • Why SAWA supports Afghanistan's women
    • A new book tells the story of Afghan women
    • Obama signs the "Afghan Women and Girls Security Promotion Act"
    • Stay in touch with SAWA (SA)
  • News from SAWA-Australia (SA)
    • The Vocational Training Centre during 2012
    • A course on dental care
    • University scholarship program seeks sponsors
  • News from SAWA-Australia (NSW)
    • Thank You
    • My Visit to Afghanistan, September 2012