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Testimonials from women who completed the Literacy Course

ghazniName: Jamila
Father's name: Ali Bakhshe
Province: Ghazni

My name is Jamila and my father's name is Ali Bakhshe. I am from Ghazni province. I am 28 years old.

I had a lot of problems in my life. I lost my parents during the Taliban period. They killed all of my family in our own house. I remained alone and my uncle came and took me to their house.

My life problems started from there. I used to do the hardest work, washing clothes and doing various work for other people; they paid me very little money. After going through hard years of work I heard about the OPAWC course and I decidde that I should go to this course. I joined the course in 2009, and an OPAWC member helped me a lot and they solved my problems. I learned reading, writing, I learned about women’s rights, children’s rights, about Islam and about our culture.

When I graduated from this course I wanted to help other women like me, for this reason I decided to go to Ghazni province and help the women and girls of Ghazni to become educated, and I did.

Thanks to OPAWC and our teachers and our foreign supporters to save me from troubles and give me a new life.

wardakName: Habiba
Father's name: Sardar Agha
Province: Wardak

I am 23 years old and I am from Wardak province. I don’t have a mother or father, I lost them in a bombing.

I have three sisters and one brother. My brother is addicted to drugs, and I had to do some work to get them something to eat. I looked for work in my neighbors' houses a lot, like cleaning and washing, but no one was ready to hire me for work, because their own financial situation was not good.

At the end I decided to beg to find a loaf of bread for my sisters and brother, so I became a beggar. Every day from morning to night I was in the city begging. We had nothing to eat, all of us had pale faces with lots of sicknesses.

One day I was sick at home, my neighbor took me to a clinic. There I heard about OPAWC courses from a woman in the clinic who offers services without cost. I came to the OPAWC office and told my story about my life.

Soon they supported me and helped me to come out of my life's difficulties. They introduced me to the literacy course and introduced my sisters and brother to an orphanage they knew. I was completely comforted; I studied with lots of courage because I felt no pressure on myself any more for my sisters and brothers.

I completed the literacy program and than I joined the handicraft section of the Vocational Training Centre. After completion of all programs, having received my certificates, I went to Wardak province to support other women and girls like me .

Now I am not that beggar girl who was in need of a piece of bread but I am a Literacy Teacher in my own province. I am a good tailor at home. I am independent now; I stand on my own feet financially now.

All this happiness came to my life just because of the OPAWC courses, because of humanitarian feelings that OPAWC members have for poor people of Afghanistan, in particular for women and girls. I always pray for their success, they helped me, God may help them.

Thank you OPAWC, I love you so much, women like me need your existence.

Nahed ShahidName: Shakila
Father's Name: Muhammad Hussan

My name is Shakila, my father's name is Muhammad Hassan. I have two sisters and one brother.

During the fundamentalists' period of war we went to Iran to be safe from war, but we were not lucky to find a better life.

My father worked in the construction industry, his work was very hard. Our life started to get better, we were happy. Our father worked day and night to give us a good life. But this period was too short. After one year we lost our father, he fell down from a building. His funeral was near our house in Iran. It was the hardest time for us to see our father’s funeral in front of our eyes.

Our problem arose from there. We were small; my mother decided to work in an Iranian house in order to feed us, she worked in the kitchen and washed their clothes. We lived with our uncle, who behaved very badly towards our mother even towards us. After a few months his wife put us on the street.

We were on the street for two weeks without eating and drinking. Then we decided to come to Afghanistan, and we came, my mother worked in other houses and no one was there to help us.

Our neighbor told me about OPAWC courses who are given without cost. Soon I joined. After passage of one year I can read and write and I am happy.

After I graduated from the OPAWC course I joined Nahid Shahed High School and am studying in sixth class. After school I come to the Vocational Training Centre course. Now I can help my mother and my family. I am very happy now, I say thanks to OPAWC and my dear teacher and foreign supporters.

Since I found this course I feel it changed in my life. Thank you so much OPAWC.

senateName: Anis Gul
Father's Name: Shahi Khel

My name is Anis Gul, my father's name is Shahi Khel.

I joined the OPAWC courses in 2009. In the past I was unable to read and write, but after I came to the OPAWC course I know how to read and write. The teachers helped me in any field they could. After one year of continuous study I learned reading, writing, knew about human rights, about Islam and our culture.

I participated in the election in 2010; I wanted to be a senator, because I learnt that all the senators are ignorant and just can read and write. I consider myself educated and a better woman than those cruel and bloody members who had money and have high posts in the government.

For this reason I got up my courage and went to write my name in the list of candidate members for the campaign. But luck did not support me, they asked for my High School documents which I had not.

Since that time I decided to struggle and learn as much as I can. I tried my best to get a kind of document of 12th grade but I failed to get one because I am poor and have not money to pay for the bribery that works in those places. But I never lose hope; I will have a high post in future I am sure. I work a lot with my children at home, and I established a literacy course at my house for the children under 7 years. I work with them their school books. My neighbors are happy to have me near their houses and they promised to vote for me when I am a candidate next time.

Now I can help my children and I am very happy from this course. I learnt that a woman has a power like men, even more than men; women are human beings, not just the property of men, they have their own life, right and dignity, all these have been taken from them. But I am not Anis Gul of three years ago, I have changed, I know the ways how life progresses. I want to struggle for my right. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my sisters in OPAWC who lighten our ways for walking, who give us the chance to find out about ourselves as human beings. Thank you so much OPAWC and other supporters.

Nahed ShahidName: Julia
Father's Name: Arif

My name is Julia and my father's name is Arif.

I was studying in the OPAWC center in 2008. Our teacher Fatima taught and helped us a lot. We learned reading and writing, we learned about Islam and human rights, mother and father rights. We learned how to help our husband and family.

After I graduated from the OPAWC course I joined Nahid Shahed High School. Now I am studying in ninth class. In the past I had too many problems in my life, but now I am very happy in my life with my family, and I want to say to my teacher and OPAWC thanks for helping me and I am very lucky that I came to the OPAWC course. Thank you so much OPAWC and other foreign supporters. Please continue your good working in future to support other women like me.