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VTCVocational Training Center for Afghan Women

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Activity Report

3-months Report February - April 2008

Date of writing the report: 12 April 2008

1. Short Summary

The Vocational Training Center for Afghan Women was initially planned to have vocational classes for literacy education and handicraft but due to lack of funds only three literacy classes with 90 students were approved. According to the work plan, this center had to begin in the first week of February 2008 but it was delayed for almost one month. Heavy snowfall in February blocked all the roads within Kabul city and there was almost no chance for women to come to Center.

The Center opened in the first week of March and the number of the students gradually increased to 67 on 1st April 2008, as the weather gets warmer in Kabul more women are expected to join in April.

2. Project Description

The Vocational Training Center is located in Kabul City and is comprised of two sections: Literacy Education and Handicraft Training Courses. Literacy Education has three female teachers; each teaches two shifts of classes and the total number of students can go to 90. All the students are female, women and young girls. The subjects that are taught in this center are: Dari (Farsi), Mathematics, Basic Information on Child Care, and General Knowledge. The literacy program is of two years, which is comprised of four 6-month semesters. A student has to pass the final exam to get the Merit Certificate of Literacy.

The Center opens at 9:00 o’clock in the morning till 4:30 o’clock in the evening. The first shift runs from 9:00 till 11:30 and the second shift runs from 2:00 till 4:30. This timing is suitable for housewives, and most of the students are housewives.

3. Activity Outline:

Period Activity
February 2008 1st week Setting up the new house (cleaning and repairing the damaged parts)
2nd week Getting startup needs like chairs, tables, rugs, furniture etc.
3rd week Surveying the women in the adjacent areas to the center, promoting the center
4th week Registration of women, preparing lesson plans and getting books
March 2008 1st week 2 literacy classes started with 37 students
2nd week The 3rd literacy class started with the student number increased to 45
3rd week Student number increased to 56
4th week Student number increased to 67


4. Study Plan

The Literacy Education is based on a two-year program, which is comprised of 4 semesters; each semester is of 6 months. At the end of each semester an exam is conducted and students can only go the next semester if they pass the exam. After finishing the 4th semester, the students appear for the final examination and if they pass that exam they get the Merit Certificate of Literacy.

NOTE: The duration of the literacy course has since been changed to one year, to conform with new government regulations for adult education.