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Vocational Training Center for Afghan Women

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Annual Report 2011

General Information

reportProject Title: Vocational Training Center for Women (Literary Section)
Project Location: Spin Kalay District, Kabul
Donor: SAWA Australia
Beneficiaries:150 women and young girls
Allocated Budget for 2011: US$45,803
Total expenses in 2011: US$45,817
Allocation Period: January 2011 until December 2011
Reporting Period: January 2012

The Vocational Training Centre (VTC) is on the way of progress. Students are happy to find the opportunity to attend English and computer courses besides their literacy course. Today we want to congratulate all supporters of the VTC. The Literacy Section in particular has gained its reputation in a best way in the community, and volunteers have asked OPAWC to teach other subjects in the center and to arrange awareness activities among the women of the VTC.


Two years have passed since the Literacy Section shifted to the place called Spin Kalay intersection where we received many requests from the women of the area, and the result of the Literacy Course and its outcomes since the move have been excellent.

Recruitment of students

Usually students for the Literacy Course are found by promoting the course at the beginning of every teaching year. In 2010 the OPAWC teachers had to run a hard campaign to encourage women to join the literacy classes. This year was different; the beginners' class that is established every year found its students in a different way. Most of the students came by their own accord and got their registration number. Families living near the center had gained confidence and sent their daughters to the center; even the mullah, who had spread propaganda in 2010 and asked the men of the area not to send their wives and daughters to the literacy course, has sent his wife to the center to learn. This is the biggest success OPAWC's Literacy Center has achieved and shows that summer is on its way after a hard winter.

Class One was promoted to class Two. Class Two was promoted to class Three and finished the prescribed program; the students are ready to graduate, and the graduation function will be held soon. Now the students can join formal schools if they want.

Reputation of the Literacy Section

OPAWC gave special attention to the Literacy Center and allocated the most hard working teachers to it. The result of all the efforts has now become visible to the public.

Last year the Literacy Section of the Ministry of Education organized a nationwide survey related to literacy training over all of Afghanistan. OPAWC's Literacy Course at Spin Kalay received the highest scores for learning, regularity, discipline and punctuality. The National Radio of Afghanistan selected OPAWC's Literacy Section to record the methods they teach at the center. The program was broadcast in all provinces of Afghanistan and the center promoted as an example for other courses.

Teachers' Day

Teacher’s Day is a school holiday in Afghanistan. The students of the center celebrated it together. They were happy, wore colorful clothes and gave presents to their hardworking teachers. OPAWC also praised the instructors and acknowledged their hard work with small gifts. Students presented articles and poems praising the important role of teachers in the community. When the coordinator of OPAWC asked the students how they came to the center for celebrating the function on a day which is a holiday for others, they said: "We have learned how to live like human beings, how to enjoy the moments we find, how to cope with the difficulties and problems faced by family members and the community." OPAWC encouraged them to continue their good work in future to benefit from the positive results of their struggle.

teacher's dayteacher's day

Celebrating Teachers' Day

Establishment of English and Computer Courses

The English course

The English course is the latest project of the Literacy Section. It was initiated in October 2011 and will run for one year. More than 70 students are learning the basic skills of English for free. The aim of establishing this course is to support women to become familiar with this language in order to help them find a job in other agencies. It is also a response to requests from poor women attending literacy and handicraft courses of the Vocational Training Center. It was their wish to attend an English course beside literacy and handicrafts. Finally, with the help of the DAK Foundation OPAWC was successful in providing this opportunity for them.

The computer course

The computer course is another important project that started in October 2011. It also runs for one year, but the course has been divided into two half-year courses. One group of women will become familiar with computers, obtain basic computer skills and learn the office program; after finishing the six months of the course they will graduate and receive Merit Certificates. Other students will join the program for the next six months. This process will continue till the end of the project. The project is supported by GlobalQuest.

OPAWC's aim is to empower women through education and to enhance their capabilities in any field. These two projects were OPAWC’s desire for a long time; now OPAWC succeeded to implement such projects thanks to its hardworking supporters.

Staff seminars

OPAWC’s Staff participated in a one day seminar, held on the 19th of September 2011. The seminar was arranged by the Deputy of Literacy of the Ministry of Education for skill enhancement and capacity building of staff working in the 5th district of Khoshal khan mena, Kabul. OPAWC also arranged two day seminars for its own staff training in November 2011.


2012 and beyond

2012 will mark an auspicious start for a spring season of a new decade of hope for a significant population of women who would otherwise be under the thumb of destitution. OPAW's aim is to empower women in all the fields of life which can be a help to prevent them from being beholden, to keep them on their own feet and open the window of self determination. In the field of literacy education we hope that we will be able to extent the classes and establish more English and computer classes where more students can find the opportunity to learn. This request come to us more and more, annd we hope that we will be able to arrange such classes for them.